Site Licence The Seedling Assessment Program (SAP) is released as a yearly support licence. The Licence allows the user to install the Sap program on as many computers in an office. The only restriction is the SAP program can only be installed on computers and laptops owned by the company that holds the licence. 

The SAP program is a Microsoft Windows Application and requires a version of MS-access. 

The mobile application can be installed on as many data loggers  as required. The mobile application is available for the original Palm OS devices and Android devices it is not available for any IOS products including I pads and I phones.


The Sap licence for 2020 season is $1450 + GST


  • Sap Is a requires Windows operating system: It is recommended that the client have Windows 10 Pro but SAP will runs on Microsoft Home as well. 
  •  SAP is a Microsoft Access application: A full licence for Microsoft office and Access database is required.
    • If you have Microsoft office you can add a standalone version of of Access
    •  For those using  Office 365 Business then Access is included.
    • Also Microsoft supports a free special version of Access RT which give you the functionality to run the SAP program with out the database tools. Access RT has some limitations to tech supports. It is recommended that each office has at least one version of full access. and use Access RT any any other computers.

Mobile SAP

For Electronic Data collection You will need an held data collector. traditionally SAP was written for Palm OS with a port to Windows Pocket PC.  Four years ago I discovered a Palm emulator for Android. Mobile SAP does not run on Apple (IOS) devices.

The industrial strength Palm OS devices though limited can still be found on the web. The favourite Acceeca data logger are no longer available.

SAP mobile Android will work on most of the newer device. You will need a minimum of 16 GB of storage.  Recommended Price range is 250-500 range. each Android device also required is two Apps in order to run SAP which are not included in the price.

  • Style tap for android  Style tap is a Palm OS emulator that allows the user to run Palm OS applications on an android device. Once you have a licence on a device the licence can be transferred  from an old device to a new device. Style tap cost $50 US per android device.
  • WEB DAV is an application that is required to allow the Android tablet to communicate with windows computers for data transfer. Web Dav is available at the Android Play Store  on your cost $.99 US. My experience is that once it is in your app list you can add it to multiple tablets.